A Soul Can't Rest in Peace Beside The Four Lane
Copyright (c) 2017 John Christopher Haddox and Perfer's Own Publishing


They laid me down in some family ground in nineteen hundred one

In a spot that overlooked the farm and caught the rising sun

They’d visit me on Sundays upon that quiet hill

It seemed a place removed from time, but time is never till


Now the four lane runs beside what used to be resting place

The farm is gone, a hundred homes are taking up the space

I’m lying here where I’ve been for years, but you know its’ not the same

A soul can’t rest in peace beside the four lane


There was a day when the big highway didn’t make it out this far

When the country road knew the wagon load, long before the car

When the whining of the eighteen wheels didn’t pierce the silence of these hills

And the only lights in the sky at night were God’s own stars


I can’t recall the last time someone came to say hello 

You can’t stop on the four lane, the old path is overgrown

I know they have to see the stones as they roll by in their race 

Do they wonder why there sits a grave in such a busy place

There was a day when you passed away, you passed away at home

With friends around and the sights and smells and sounds you’d always known

There was preaching, there was praying, people crying, children playing

Then they laid you down in some family ground among your own