Your cd arrived. Thank you for that kind and generous gesture.  First I read the words. They stand up very well on their own. Then I listened. Seems that Ron has access to quite a large stable of wonderful musicians. You and your songs well deserve it.  About The Songs is a good addition (helped me understand "Life Without Me").  Your banjo playing on "Tree Frog" is a good example of how well you play the thing.  Your guitar on "Take Me Down to the Water" is, likewise, a good example of how you play that thing, and "Haymonds Lament" is a beautiful final note--beautifully conceived and executed--would bring a tear to a Scotsman's eye, drunk or otherwise.


Your ability to cultivate wondrous songs from the merest seedling of an idea is a gift. Gifts are for giving. My sense is that this is a beginning. 


-Joe Hermann, Critton Hollow String Band, Paw Paw, WV

I have known Chris for a number of years primarily as a fine West Virginia old time fiddler and ballad singer. What I didn’t know until recently was the fact that he is a prolific songwriter. His new album of original songs is proof positive that his skills as a musician and singer stretch beyond the realm of traditional music.

There is a whole lot to like on this cd. Like any good songwriter, Chris is a wonderful story teller. His vocals are very strong and exceptionally warm throughout the project. The arrangements of the songs are interesting and the help from his guests both vocally and instrumentally add to the richness of the project.


I have my favorite tracks, and I am certain, that you will too. It suffices to say that this one is a “good un” and it stands out among the deluge of singer-songwriter releases that find their way to my mailbox.


-Bob Heyer - Program Host of Music In The Air: Classic Old Time,Country,Bluegrass and Western Swing  WWOV 101.1 FM  and Feeling Alright: Classic Folk,Blues,Reggae,Rock, and Soul  WEJP 107.1 FM Wheeling,West Virginia

It was such a great honor to be a part of this wonderful recording of original songs by Chris Haddox.  It is always refreshing to hear new material put together in a nice package.  The songs showed heart felt originality, soul, and beauty. I know everyone will love this album--this is a must have for people who love new, original songs

-Johnny Staats, West Virginia-based mandolin/guitar/fiddle player extraordinaire!

            Now and then you meet a musician who has the perfect blend of God-given gifts and discipline to make you sit up and pay close attention the first time you hear them. Chris Haddox, a Morgantown musician and gifted songwriter is at the top of my personal list. It’s a cliché, but there is something in the West Virginia mountains that produces some of America’s best music. Chris, born in Logan County,  has the sense of place of a fine writer, and the soul of the thousands of mountain singers that came before him.

            His eponymous album is a treasure, with 13 gems from the mind of Chris Haddox. From the uptempo “Says You, Says Who, Says Me” which sounds to me like a fine piece of Texas swing, to the melancholy “A Soul Can’t Rest in Peace Beside the Four Lane,” a song that will evoke homesickness in the hardest of hears, this album never hits a false note. These are honest, smart songs, about how we live now (“Sunday Morning Stoplight” and “Money Tree”) and how things used to be (“Streets of Danville” and “O, This River”). The album’s single instrumental is called “Tree Frog,” a piece that sounds like it could have come from the highlands of Scotland or the top of Spruce Knob in Pendleton County, West Virginia; I’m guessing it owes a tip of the hat to both places. “Life Without Me” is the best song I’ve ever heard about the need to turn away from our misplaced nostalgia for coal power. The song “Kalashnikov”  is about the Russian general, inventor, military engineer, writer, and small arms designer who invented the rifle that bears his name, but that’s not all it’s about. I’ll leave it to the listener to find the deeper truths in this song.

            The last song on the album, “A Soul Can’t Rest in Peace Beside the Four Lane,” has a wonderful, unexpected but perfectly placed extended instrumental, Haymond’s Lament, that comes in right after the sound of cars rushing by the old ways on the new interstate.

-Ron Ireland, the Listening Room, Wytheville, VA


It (the show) was awesome. Chris is such an engaging performer. Watching and hearing the crowd respond to his lyrics and delivery was truly gratifying. He deserves fully engaged audiences like the one he had last night. Thanks for sharing your incredible talents.

-Audience member at a recent show, 2021

The River House in Capon Bridge has had many magical evenings since opening in 2017. And last night, we enjoyed the honest and heartfelt songs of Chris Haddox. A son of Logan County (WV), Chris writes incredible songs, plays like 14 instruments and tells some great stories too.


Come enjoy The River House and take home some magical memories.



I can’t say enough about your songs.  They brought me back to what I loved in the 70s.  Singer-songwriter like Tom Paxton, Jerry Jeff Walker, and now Chris Haddox, making me smile, bringing me to tears, reminding me of what I love and what I miss.  This album is wonderful.  I can’t pick my favorite, but Sunday Morning Stoplight is still in my head, and Take Me Down to the Water brings me to tears.  


-Listener in West Virginia

Hi Chris!

I got your CD and listened to it during my “in-car rounds” yesterday, and all I can say is WOW! I went from laughing out loud to tears to picturing the beautiful scenes you were describing! The songs are amazing, and I can’t wait to share this with pretty much everybody  I know!)!!! I am SO proud to know you…and can’t wait to see where all of this leads for you. Thanks again for sending it, and best to you as this is introduced to everybody across the country!


-Listener in Williamsburg, VA

Well my friend, we just listened to the album.  We laughed and we cried. There was soul, sadness, hope, and determination.  Songs about life’s troubles that we overcome.  I see what you have put into these songs my friend...No BS...We loved it. It also hits home with us. Thank you very much. 

-Listener in West Virginia.

Photo Rick McCleary 2019

Photo Rick McCleary 2019

Photo Susan Eason 2018