Copyright (c) 2005 John Christopher Haddox and Perfer's Own Publishing


If it weren’t for politicians

If it weren’t for Germany

I’d have followed my ambitions and perhaps

Attached my name to a different history

See—I was born with resolution

To tinker and to test

My mind could see solutions  

And my hands could do the rest


My designs were based on simple reliability

To help the working farmer with good machinery

No furrows on my brow—my faith orthodox

I wanted God to be proud of old Kalashnikov



It was never my intention

It was never my will

That my namesake invention

Such blood would cause to spill

But I heard my comrades questions

And I saw the bloody clothes

Why do they have better weapons?

And to the challenge I rose


My design was based simple—reliability

Protection for my homeland--pure defense to keep her free

A weapon so effective—they’d call the whole war off

I wanted God to be proud—of old Kalashnikov

It pains to see it used

In remorseless killers hands

I completely disapprove

But completely understand

It never leaves them in a jam

When there’s terror to be spun

And so they make their stand

With Kalashnikovs’ automatic gun



Patriarch, oh Patriarch

A final question persists 

Is there blood on my hands, 'cause in my heart I feel

God will judge me for this

Fear not, our dear Kalashnikov

The church will set the record straight   

Your actions for the Motherland

Have gained you heaven’s gates