Life Without Me
Copyright (c) 2019 John Christopher Haddox and Perfer's Own Publishing


I fed you

I clothed you

I sent you to school

I provided for nearly all of your needs

Built your highways

Built your ballfields

Built your parks and your pools

Ain’t it time you lived life without me?


Life without me you’re gonna find

Gonna take up every muscle in your mind

Once the future was too far away to see

Now it’s here and it’s clear you’re nowhere near prepared

For life without me

I bent you

I broke you

Took your breath away

Wrapped your dead in my darkness for keeps

Still you sit there


About the good ‘ol days

Can’t wrap your head around life without me


Careful where you draw your water—I done my business there

Say a pray for your sons and daughters every time they breathe the air

I have friends, you may have heard, don’t you listen to a word they have to say

I’m just a dirty rotten killer on the cleanest of my days ......


Look around you

All the places

Where I carried out my reign

Ah, the kingdom’s crumbling everywhere I see

No promise

No wishful thinking

Gonna bring it back again

Go on—get on to life without me