O' This River
Copyright (c) 2016 John Christopher Haddox and Perfer's Own Publishing


Didn’t that water come up fast

Faster than I’ve ever seen          

And me living on the river all this time   

Didn’t that water come up high

Like a scary dream          

But dreams don’t these kinds of marks behind


Oh, this river—nothing like it when it’s running clear

Not an drop of trouble here

It’s peaceful all around

Oh, this river—it can sure get outta hand

Let you know who’s boss, it can

When too much rain comes down

When too much rain comes down


Didn’t I say last time no more? 

Mucking out the mud

And sweeping sand… forever sweeping sand 

Ain’t I standing here like before

The river’s in my blood

If you never lived here, you could never understand 


Didn’t I lose it all this time

Not a splinter left 

When that house broke loose, made a crack like a firing gun   

Ain’t I sitting here talking with you

Still got my life

And that’s a more—that’s a whole lot more than some