Sunday Morning Stoplight
Copyright (c) 2017 John Christopher Haddox and Perfer's Own Publishing


I want to run it, the coast is clear

I should just gun it, the cops are nowhere near

Clean as a whistle, clear out of site

Though I could make it, that don’t make it right

I play it careful, that’s just the way that I am

I wouldn’t do well in jail—don’t want a life on the lam

So I’ll just here nice and tight and wait and wait   

At this Sunday morning stoplight


Sunday morning stoplight

You’re messing with me again

I try to live my life right

But you’re making me want to sin

If Christ was in the driver’s seat

I’d betcha and I’ll bet I’d be right

I know that God’s own son would run

This Sunday morning stoplight


I’m out for coffee, before I head down to church

I let the brake up, car gives a little lurch

Hoping to trip some switch unseen

Trick that light into turning green 

Big brother’s watching , I see up there on the pole

A camera dressed like an owl—waiting to see if I roll

Next thing I know I’ll get a note in the mail

Saying see you in court or see you in jail


Now, I’m a thinking fellow and it seems to me  

It should be blinking  yellow , it blows my MPG

To sit here idling, polluting the air

If I’m gonna kill the planet can I kill it while I’m going somewhere