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April 2022 Folk Alliance Chart #11album, #15 song (Redbud), #18 artist!

Debut Album Release March 25, 2022

We are excited to announce that Mike Farley and his company, the Michael J. Media Group, will be handling the publicity for the new album.  


We are pleased to announce that Lisa Grey at Blue River Promotions will be handling the airplay promotion!             

If you'd like to purchase an album prior to the full release date, please contact me with the message button above and I'll be glad to get one into your hands!  


Final Album Cover Chris Haddox.JPG
Final Album Back Cover Chris Haddox.JPG

Story behind the album project

In September of 2018, I had the good fortune to join Pete Kosky and Andrew Adkins--both stellar West Virginia songwriters and performers--at a Writer's Round event at the Little India restaurant in Charleston, WV.  Mountain Stage band leader, Ron Sowell, happened to be in the audience in support of Andrew and the album he had recently produced for him. 


Suffice it to say that I was a bit nervous, as the crowd was small, and the talent level high with Pete and Andrew!  After the set, Ron extended an invitation to participate in next fall's Woody Hawley Concert Series--an event he had coordinated for many years.  Though fall of 2019 seemed forever away, I was thrilled to be asked and could hardly wait for the year to pass.  


Well, pass the year did, and I joined a wonderful bill of West Virginia songwriters for what turned out to be a magical evening of original music.  When Ron asked why I didn't bring any music to sell at the merch table, I indicated I didn't have any recordings to sell.  Long story short, here--Ron said, "when you get home, turn on your cell phone and record some of your songs--just you and guitar--and send them to me.  Don't worry about sound quality, just make sure I can hear the lyrics and get a feel for the melody."  


After about 20 songs, Ron called and said, "I've been listening to your songs and I'd like to produce an album with you.  I'll be in Morgantown in a few days--can we get together for coffee and a discussion about the idea? "  

We started recording basic tracks on January 22, 2020.  Shortly afterwards Larry Groce, the creator and host of Mountain Stage, offered a spot to perform on the March 22 show in Morgantown, WV.   Sadly, COVID forced the cancellation of subsequent studio dates and the Mountain Stage show.  In light of the pandemic, the album suddenly seemed unimportant, and the project languished until folks could find a new equilibrium.  

Eventually, new footing was found and the album was back on track.  Ron approached the album with a renewed vigor, and in May 2021 we had a mastered project reading for pressing into CDs.  In September I had CDs in hand! 


Working with Mike Farley of Michael J. Media, we decided to shoot for the biggest splash we could make with the album.  A full album release date of Friday, March 25, 2022 was set to give us time to generate as much buzz as possible pre-release.  

Prior to releasing the full album, we'll release a few singles, and we have one video in pre-production with Doug Imbrogno and Bobby Lee Messer steering that ship. 

When I was 21 years old I lit out for Nashville hoping to find success in the music business as a songwriter.  Some 40 years later, that dream is finding new footing! 


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