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Chris Haddox

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This West Virginia-based artist writes and performs new songs on guitar, fiddle, and banjo--songs that are contemporary, but also firmly rooted in tradition.  Whether in a venue like Mountain Stage or an intimate house concert, his solo shows connect with audience members of all ages, inviting them on a journey through landscapes and emotions both familiar and new.   Listeners find themselves smiling, laughing, crying, and sometimes wondering what the heck was he thinking.  No matter the topic, audience members are often perched on the edges of their seats awaiting the next details of an intricate, yet accessible story.  Haddox's songs pull from down deep. 

"Go see Chris if you get a chance or check out his CD. He is funny and his songs contain a lot of truth--that's a hard combination to beat."

Larry Groce, Mountain Stage

"I'll say this upfront, it has been quite a while since I've heard an out-of-the-blue album as captivating as this one. You’ll instantly discover that Chris Haddox excels in timeless classic music that runs the gamut from pop and folk to country and jazz, with elements of everything in-between. His talent is unmistakable, his songs more than memorable as he offers a completely unique window on the world." 

-Alan Cackett

"While he's been making music for many years, I was unfamiliar with West Virginia's Chris Haddox until hearing the recent release of his album, "Chris Haddox." Blending folk and bluegrass, he writes songs on a wide range of topics, infusing his lyrics with keen observations of the small details of life, and frequently adding a healthy dose of wit, as well as wisdom. I am now a big fan!"

-Bob McWilliams, host of Trail Mix on Kansas Public Radio

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