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"Go see Chris if you get a chance or check out his CD. He's funny and his songs contain a lot of truth. That's a hard combination to beat."

-Larry Groce, Mountain Stage

"I'll say this upfront, it has been quite a while since I've heard an out-of-the-blue album as captivating as this one. You’ll instantly discover that Chris Haddox excels in timeless classic music that runs the gamut from pop and folk to country and jazz, with elements of everything in-between. His talent is unmistakable, his songs more than memorable as he offers a completely unique window on the world." 

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-Alan Cackett

"While he's been making music for many years, I was unfamiliar with West Virginia's Chris Haddox until hearing the recent release of his album, "Chris Haddox." Blending folk and bluegrass, he writes songs on a wide range of topics, infusing his lyrics with keen observations of the small details of life, and frequently adding a healthy dose of wit, as well as wisdom. I am now a big fan!"

-Bob McWilliams, host of Trail Mix on Kansas Public Radio

'Art of the Song' interview with John Dillon and Viv Nesbitt

We spoke with Chris Haddox about his self-titled debut CD.

No Depression Through The Lens: Six West Virginia Roots Musicians


"My listeners often comment how much they like Chris Haddox's songs. In fact, I started exploring his 2022 CD based on a recommendation from a listener in Kennett Square, PA. Whether it's a silly song about a lover's quarrel, a poignant song about "progress" embodied in a new four-lane highway, or just a darn fine song about the first redbud of spring, Chris' songs just ring true with folks. Besides, he plays well with others; a virtue for a musician in any band!"

-Mando Richard--Host of Whiskey Before Breakfast on WRCT, Pittsburgh (re-broadcast on WVUD, Newark DE; WKYW-LP, Keyser WV; WUTC, Chattanooga TN; and Tube City Online Radio, McKeesport, PA)

I have known Chris for a number of years primarily as a fine West Virginia old time
fiddler and ballad singer. What I didn’t know until recently was the fact that he is a
prolific songwriter. His new album of original songs is proof positive that his skills as a
musician and singer stretch beyond the realm of traditional music.
There is a whole lot to like on this cd. Like any good songwriter, Chris is a wonderful
story teller. His vocals are very strong and exceptionally warm throughout the project.
The arrangements of the songs are interesting and the help from his guests both
vocally and instrumentally add to the richness of the project.
I have my favorite tracks, and I am certain, that you will too. It suffices to say that this
one is a “good un” and it stands out among the deluge of singer-songwriter releases
that find their way to my mailbox.

-Bob Heyer - Program Host of Music In The Air: Classic Old Time,Country,Bluegrass and
Western Swing WWOV 101.1 FM and Feeling Alright: Classic Folk,Blues,Reggae,Rock,
and Soul WEJP 107.1 FM Wheeling,West Virginia

"Chris Haddox, from West Virginia, home of many fine singer/songwriters, is new to me. He writes from an ‘everyman’ point of view. In ‘He Reeled Me In’ a conned man, whose ego gets the best of him with the help of smooth tongued carnie, rues his winnings. In ‘Kalashnikov', the inventor of the AK-47, looks back at what he has wrought, and in ‘A Soul Can’t Rest In Peace’ progress destroys serenity. And that’s just 3 on this fine CD which bears repeated listening. Well Done, Chris!"


-Tom Funk, Host- The Green Chile Revival & Medicine Show, KGLP-Gallup

Northern Spirit Radio interview with host Mark Helpsmeet

I am pretty much a literalist who takes language at face value, though I do appreciate a clever or insightful turn of phrase.  Chris writes well crafted songs that don’t require me to have a poet’s heart in order to understand them.  This album gives us language literalists a chance to hear, understand, and enjoy some really good songs without wondering what they’re all about.”

-Ed McDonald, Mountain Streams Radio (formerly Sidetracks Radio Program)

Interview on Dean Olson's 'Songwriter on the Radio' show on iHeartRadio


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