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  • Chris Haddox

Money Tree

There's not much backstory to my song, Money Tree. I wrote it very quickly while noodling around on the guitar one afternoon. In my mind it was a fun little song the band could play as a warm up--giving everyone some room to stretch their fingers, while providing the sound person an opportunity to adjust things before the set truly got underway!

When Ron Sowell, the album's producer, first asked me to start sending him recordings of my songs--just guitar and vocal--I tossed in Money Tree on a whim. I'm glad I did as he really enjoyed it--hearing in his head some great percussion and slide guitar that Ammed Solomon and Bud Carroll were, not surprisingly, able to supply! Doris Fields, aka Lady D, and Julie Adams hit the harmony vocals just right. Clint Lewis held everything down with his solid bass playing, and Ron nailed a bluesy harmonica solo that put the icing on the cake. Give a listen and be sure to let me know if you find your own Money Tree.

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